Easy Steps to Become a Successful Guest Blogger

Easy Steps to Become a Successful Guest Blogger

Easy Steps to Become a Successful Guest Blogger

Before we go further let’s take a look at its top five advantages.

  1. Referral Traffic

This is the most obvious advantage. If you own a blog, publishing a guest post on a high-authority blog will bring some direct traffic to your own blog. How sweet is an instant increase in referral traffic…right?

Firepole Marketing’s Danny Iny grew his blogging business to seven figures. Can you figure out what his secret to success is? Yes. He excelled as a guest blogger.

  1. Building an Email List 

One of the most difficult challenges for new blog owners is finding an audience. Don’t be concerned. Subscribers can be gained by guest posting on authority blogs in your niche.

  1. Link Building and SEO

Google has taken a firm stance against SEO guest blogging. But all you have to do is avoid spammy tactics. You can link contextually from your article’s content to a relevant blog post on your website. Links from guest posts will boost your overall site authority and help you rank for long-tail keywords.It will also help you with your On Page SEO.

  1. Relationship Development and Lead Generation

Whether you’re just starting out in blogging or have years of experience, it’s critical to network with industry influencers and, if possible, write a guest post for an authority site.

Influencers can assist you in expanding your blog audience and accelerating your success.

A guest post on an influencer’s blog can also help you establish a meaningful relationship with them.Furthermore, it may lead to you becoming a regular guest blogger for them. It has the potential to turn the relationship into a business partnership.

  1. Building Your Brand and Positioning Yourself As An Authority

Building a brand is essential to running a successful business. You can gain trust and get your name in front of your target audience by writing high-quality guest posts in top industry publications. 

Easy steps to be a successful guest blogger

1) Make a list of your guest blogging campaign objectives.

Make a list of the reasons why you want to start a guest blogging campaign. Do you want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry by becoming a guest blogger? Do you want to grow your blog’s readership and momentum? Do you want your name to appear on a specific authority website? Or are you looking for new business opportunities?

This activity will put you in the right frame of mind. It will ensure that you remain focused as a guest blogger and pursue only those guest blogging opportunities that contribute to these goals.

When pursuing link building through guest posts, keep the following four things in mind:

  • Only link to your website pages from your guest blog post when it improves the user experience. Don’t go overboard.
  • Pitch only reputable blogs with high domain authority.
  • Make sure that links in your author bio are nofollow in guest posts.
  • Use non-commercial anchor text when linking to your website. (Anchor text is the text that can be clicked in a hyperlink.)

1) Look for opportunities to guest blog on authoritative blogs.

Now you have to find guest blogger opportunities.

  1. i) Begin your search with the obvious – Google.

Here are some search terms to consider:

Your industry keyword + “submit a post” ,

Your industry keyword + “guest blog” ,

Your industry keyword + “guest post” ,

Your industry keyword + “guest posting guidelines” ,

Assume you want to find blogs in the content marketing niche that would welcome a guest blogger. You will use the search terms “content marketing” and “guest post.”

Many bloggers and freelance writers proudly display reputable publications in which they have been published – such blogs are excellent targets for becoming a guest blogger.

You can find the website pages (where they mention prestigious publications) by using the following Google search terms:

“My guest blogs” is your keyword.

“places where I’ve been published” is your keyword.

“I’ve been featured on” is your keyword.

Perform a direct Google search for authority figures in your industry – All (most) influencers guest blog in top industry publications. You can find those publications using Google. Google their name to find out more. Their personal blog and social media accounts may appear on the first page of results. You’ll start seeing their guest posts and interviews on high-authority websites on the second page and beyond. Search Twitter for the most recent guest blog post written in your industry publications. To begin, look for “your industry keyword” + guest post.

There are some websites that publish guest posts. Examine these sites to see if they are suitable for guest posting.

  • Examine your blog list to find the best fit.

It’s time to whittle down your list by visiting each blog on it one by one.

Follow these steps to determine whether or not a blog is a good fit for your campaign.

Step 1: Double-check the site’s guest posting policy.

Some of the blogs on your list may no longer accept guest posts. You don’t want to prepare a pitch for them or write an entire guest post only to discover that they’re no longer accepting submissions. You’ll be wasting your time.

Step 2: Make sure you answered ‘yes’ to the following five questions:

Question 1: Does your target audience read your blog?

Question 2: Is the link profile of the blog clean and spam-free?

Question 3: Is the blog’s design appealing?

Question 4: Does the blog have a significant number of subscribers and traffic?

Question 5: Does the blog publish unique, high-quality content?

Step 3: Group your relevant blogs according to your goals. You now have a list of excellent blogs in your niche. These blogs can get you all of the huge guest blogging benefits we discussed. But you want this campaign to produce results, right? Then, go over your campaign objectives again. Let’s go over them one by one.

Guest posting on any of the blogs from your refined list that are a good fit for you helps you build your brand and relationships. So I’m not going to discuss these objectives.

If you want to increase your backlinks, include a link to your blog in the body of the guest post.

Every blog takes a different approach to external links. As a result, it’s best to double-check your publication’s editorial guidelines.

Even if an authority site prohibits links in the body, you should be able to include a couple of nofollow links to your blog in your author bio.

2) Warm-up your prospects (optional but recommended) 

I recommend this step only if you are aiming for a massive blog owned by an influencer.

In this case, you want the blog owner (or a key team member) to recognise your name. You want to avoid having your pitch for a guest post get lost in their inbox.

Discover fantastic blog post ideas.

Your target blog owner should not simply like the idea of a guest post. They must adore it.

It’s time to send the proposal.

Every day, editors and blog owners at authoritative websites receive a flood of emails. Blog owners and editors value succinct communication. Make certain that your pitch is:

Short: Keep your email to 200 words or less. Because of the volume of email, editors are unable to read longer messages.

Personalized: It should use the blog owner’s (or editor’s) name. You can begin by explaining why you liked one of their recent posts or congratulating them if they were in the news for some reason.

Specific: After personalising, share your topics with the reasons why you believe they will be of interest to the readers of their blog.

Credible: Share with the blog owner your similar successful work from your personal blog or other industry blogs. If you have a track record of receiving a high number of social shares and comments on your articles, the blog owner or editor will instantly trust you.

3) Create an epic article and landing pages.

Congratulations on your pitch being accepted! A high authority site is about to expose you to a large pool of your target persona. Your work, however, is only half done. You must create an exceptional, high-quality guest post that is relevant to the site’s audience.

4) Prepare for multiple rounds of editing by emailing the completed article.

It’s finished. Now you can attach your guest post and send it.

Not quite yet.

Respected industry blogs adhere to strict quality standards. They will subject your article to a thorough editing process. Before they finally publish your guest blog post, they may go through 4 to 5 rounds of revisions. What’s the good news? You’ll improve as a writer as you continue to be published as a guest blogger. In addition, the number of revisions your guest posts receive will decrease.

5) Promote your post aggressively and express gratitude

Yes, your post has just been published. It is now time to drive massive traffic to your post.

In the end, more readers of your guest post equals more brand exposure. As the number of visitors grows, they will pass through your landing page to become subscribers. You can make the following announcements about the post:

  • By distributing it to your mailing list
  • Share it on all of your social media platforms.
  • Mailing it to any brand or person that you’ve mentioned in the article.
  • Examine your results and make changes to your campaign.

Is guest blogging on the biggest industry blog assisting you in reaching your guest blogging goal? Or, are your guest posts performing better on niche blogs? To find the answer, you’ll need to look into the referral traffic and the number of conversions from each post.


2) Align With Your Brand 

Customers won’t have a connection to your business if you don’t have a strong, identifiable brand. You must establish your brand’s reputation and you can hire a digital marketing agency to do it. This can be accomplished by using things like:

  • Design
  • Language
  • Logos
  • Brand story and values 

However, it’s crucial that these components work with and support your brand. A successful organisation constantly thinks, acts, and communicates the same thing. Strong management and outstanding teamwork are used to accomplish this. 

Many businesses occasionally drive themselves into contentious discussions that don’t reflect their brand values. Audi’s Super Bowl commercial for gender equality is one instance of this. Due to the lack of women on Audi’s management board, there was a lot of backlash on social media. So, it didn’t look good that the advertisement seemed to advocate principles that the brand itself didn’t share. 

This brings up the following idea, which is honesty. Being honest and upfront is crucial for lowering client churn, but you shouldn’t undersell your product or service. 

Imagine that you are two sisters who run a small consultancy for SMS customer assistance. You shouldn’t pose as a multinational corporation when creating content or operate in a way that isn’t true to who you are. Your brand credibility could be harmed by this.

3) Continue to follow email campaigns 

According to statistics, you can anticipate receiving an average of $42 back for every $1 spent on email marketing. This means that one of the best methods for boosting sales is email marketing. 

However, sending emails is insufficient. It’s crucial to cater to your audience when writing them. This entails leveraging the consumer profiles we previously described to categorise your emails. Automation of email is also essential. You can reach out to customers at the ideal moment. Additionally, you may use it to send emails to consumers who have abandoned their cart, present offers, and measure metrics. 

Remember that emails are useful for retaining customers as well as bringing in new ones. Even after they’ve made their purchase, a well-written follow-up email can keep them thinking of you. It’s well worth the effort because improving client retention by only 5% can boost your profitability by 25–95%. 

4) Assess the Content’s Success 

As this article’s title implies, digital marketing can boost your sales. What happens, however, if you redesign your website, boost your marketing budget, and buy the greatest productivity software for small businesses, only to discover that something is still off? It’s possible that you’re not monitoring and evaluating the content you publish. 

You may learn how clients interact with your most popular web pages and goods by measuring and tracking content. Making informed decisions in the future will be possible thanks to these insights. 

You can find out which search engines are directing people to your website and which regions are most popular for your product or service by using accurate analytics. This implies that you can invest on the right channels and subsequently draw in more of the desired customers. 

5) Enhance Your Channels  

In digital marketing, optimization is crucial.It could entail personnel optimization to develop a productive and cohesive workforce. It can also refer to optimising websites and mobile apps, which is crucial because 80% of users visit the Internet on their mobile devices. It may also refer to SEO (search engine optimization), which affects your website’s ranking. The more traffic you generate, the better your website will rank. You will increase sales as you drive more traffic to your website. 

75% of Google searchers never even glance at the second results page. If there aren’t enough motivations, consider the following:

  • Your brand will become more well-known thanks to SEO, and this will strengthen your authority and reputation while fostering client trust. 
  • Because customers will have an easier time finding what they’re looking for, your user experience will also be enhanced. 
  • As 87% of consumers will typically only travel 15 minutes to make an everyday transaction, you may concentrate on local SEO. 
  • By using SEO techniques, you can better comprehend the web market and rival strategies. 
  • SEO is a long-term solution with a significant return on investment.

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