Effective Social Media Marketing Campaigns to Brighten Your Diwali

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

One of the most popular festivals in India is Diwali, and brands may take part in it in a big way. Diwali is a national holiday that is loved by all target demographic groups and is more social and cultural than religious. Diwali involves a lot of parties, gift-giving, and shopping. 

Almost all B2C companies prepare a Diwali marketing strategy for specific client segments. The holiday spirit hasn’t diminished despite the pandemic. 

Six in ten Indian customers are interested in learning about new products during festival season sales, and 91% of consumers want to purchase in 2021 during the forthcoming festival season. 

Every year, Diwali social media marketing creates excitement for their brands and offers some brilliant suggestions for social media ads. Are you unsure of how to manage your holiday social media campaign? The top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for the Festive Season in 2021 may be aided by this concise guide from our team. Today, we’re presenting some Diwali social media marketing efforts that work well and help establish brands. 

Social media campaigns for Diwali that cheer up the season!

Google Pay Campaign

Do you still recall the fantastic Gpay Diwali social media campaigns? To promote the use of the app during Diwali, Google asked its users to pay bills, collect stamps, and invite new users. 

This takes gamification to a whole new level. 

Google Pay temporarily introduced a Diwali game in which players could choose from five different Diwali stamps to receive one with a Diwali theme. Win 251 if you collect them all. 

Users of GPay were recharging their devices, paying their bills, and sending tiny sums of money to their pals to collect stamps. Additionally, some of the most amusing memes from the campaign sprang from this. 

Throughout the Diwali weekend, #GooglePayRangoli, #NeedARangoli, #rangolistamp, and #googlepaydiwali became trending topics on social media.

Samsonite Campaign 

What should the tone of your social media advertising for Diwali be? Depending on your brand and its core principles, it might be lighthearted, odd, or even dramatic. Samsonite went in an emotional direction for their 2019 Diwali campaign. 

The campaign honors those who work in the travel sector and have to pick between family gatherings and vacation time. Who Brings You Home? is the main question, which is a perfect fit for the brand and its merchandise. Samsonite’s #DiwaliKasafar has touched people’s hearts. People were encouraged by the promotion to express their appreciation for those who give of themselves to ensure that you arrive home safely on a festival day. 

The social media campaign had 7.3M views, 113K reactions, and 2.7K comments on Facebook alone! Even the actress Twinkle Khanna shared it on her social media accounts.

OnePlus X Snapchat 

You should expect fireworks when two major businesses work together to develop Diwali social media marketing concepts. One Plus strongly emphasizes encouraging its users to display their excellent photographic abilities. What could be better than working with Snapchat to create fun AR lenses for the holiday season? 

In response to the effort, Prashant Halbe, Creative Strategy Lead at Snap India, stated: “Our objective at Snapchat is to generate meaningful connections through unique, creative experiences. We’ve been working with OnePlus for Diwali for two years, and in this challenging year, we wanted to use augmented reality to connect Snapchatters online.” 

Due to technology, two well-known companies could produce a fantastic Diwali campaign and even publicize the release of the OnePlus 6. To create successful social media marketing strategies during Diwali, consider partnering with like-minded companies.


A meaningful connection plus modern technology, talk about getting the best of both worlds. Cadbury did that. Cadbury’s Diwali social media marketing campaign used artificial intelligence to take things further. 

Cadbury is known for creating excellent ads and promotions over the holiday season, and 2020 was no exception. They asked their fans and customers to shop for Diwali at their local retailers with the emotive hashtag #NotJustACadburyAd. 

Numerous small retailers were emphasized in the advertisement, which successfully incorporated the topic. 

Talk about innovative social media marketing strategies. They advanced when Sharukh Khan was named the campaign’s brand spokesperson in 2021. Shahrukh Khan’s face was mapped using artificial intelligence, and an app was created so that any local merchant could easily input the name of their business and have Shahrukh Khan endorse it. The retailer can then share this on other websites or social media pages. 

Bajaj Allianz

Brands today frequently employ social media messages and cause marketing, especially during the holiday season. Bajaj Allianz developed a thought-provoking Diwali social media campaign regarding child labor for firecrackers. The commercial is filmed with an influencer opening hampers. The youngster displays the celebration crackers he prepared. 

It prompts reflection on the true significance of Diwali and its practical consequences for the business. The holiday season is a terrific time to promote social causes to boost their ability to be shared on many media. 


Starbucks has a knack for using contests to engage its audience on social media. For everyone, it’s a win-win situation. Starbucks started a creative competition due to the widespread practice of doodling on its cups. Customers were urged to customize the cup and Diwali Sleeve for the #SketchTheBlend contest and post it on social media with the hashtag #SketchTheBlend. Starbucks gave the winners five delectable drinks as prizes. It’s a clever holiday marketing effort because it encourages shoppers to come into the store to choose their cups. 


Planning your Diwali social media campaign ideas at least two months in advance is always a brilliant idea. It offers you enough time to design, develop, and carry out intelligent campaigns, from controlling inventories to developing ideas for new campaigns. Would your company like to create a social media marketing firework for a Diwali campaign? Then get in touch with us!

2) Align With Your Brand 

Customers won’t have a connection to your business if you don’t have a strong, identifiable brand. You must establish your brand’s reputation and you can hire a digital marketing agency to do it. This can be accomplished by using things like:

  • Design
  • Language
  • Logos
  • Brand story and values 

However, it’s crucial that these components work with and support your brand. A successful organisation constantly thinks, acts, and communicates the same thing. Strong management and outstanding teamwork are used to accomplish this. 

Many businesses occasionally drive themselves into contentious discussions that don’t reflect their brand values. Audi’s Super Bowl commercial for gender equality is one instance of this. Due to the lack of women on Audi’s management board, there was a lot of backlash on social media. So, it didn’t look good that the advertisement seemed to advocate principles that the brand itself didn’t share. 

This brings up the following idea, which is honesty. Being honest and upfront is crucial for lowering client churn, but you shouldn’t undersell your product or service. 

Imagine that you are two sisters who run a small consultancy for SMS customer assistance. You shouldn’t pose as a multinational corporation when creating content or operate in a way that isn’t true to who you are. Your brand credibility could be harmed by this.

3) Continue to follow email campaigns 

According to statistics, you can anticipate receiving an average of $42 back for every $1 spent on email marketing. This means that one of the best methods for boosting sales is email marketing. 

However, sending emails is insufficient. It’s crucial to cater to your audience when writing them. This entails leveraging the consumer profiles we previously described to categorise your emails. Automation of email is also essential. You can reach out to customers at the ideal moment. Additionally, you may use it to send emails to consumers who have abandoned their cart, present offers, and measure metrics. 

Remember that emails are useful for retaining customers as well as bringing in new ones. Even after they’ve made their purchase, a well-written follow-up email can keep them thinking of you. It’s well worth the effort because improving client retention by only 5% can boost your profitability by 25–95%. 

4) Assess the Content’s Success 

As this article’s title implies, digital marketing can boost your sales. What happens, however, if you redesign your website, boost your marketing budget, and buy the greatest productivity software for small businesses, only to discover that something is still off? It’s possible that you’re not monitoring and evaluating the content you publish. 

You may learn how clients interact with your most popular web pages and goods by measuring and tracking content. Making informed decisions in the future will be possible thanks to these insights. 

You can find out which search engines are directing people to your website and which regions are most popular for your product or service by using accurate analytics. This implies that you can invest on the right channels and subsequently draw in more of the desired customers. 

5) Enhance Your Channels  

In digital marketing, optimization is crucial.It could entail personnel optimization to develop a productive and cohesive workforce. It can also refer to optimising websites and mobile apps, which is crucial because 80% of users visit the Internet on their mobile devices. It may also refer to SEO (search engine optimization), which affects your website’s ranking. The more traffic you generate, the better your website will rank. You will increase sales as you drive more traffic to your website. 

75% of Google searchers never even glance at the second results page. If there aren’t enough motivations, consider the following:

  • Your brand will become more well-known thanks to SEO, and this will strengthen your authority and reputation while fostering client trust. 
  • Because customers will have an easier time finding what they’re looking for, your user experience will also be enhanced. 
  • As 87% of consumers will typically only travel 15 minutes to make an everyday transaction, you may concentrate on local SEO. 
  • By using SEO techniques, you can better comprehend the web market and rival strategies. 
  • SEO is a long-term solution with a significant return on investment.

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