Google Launches New Local Search Features For User-Centric Surroundings Search, And Maps

Google launches new local search features

We’re excited to share this new feature of Google’s new local search features, with an improved user experience and user-centric search results; so you can now facilitate by searching your surroundings with your phone’s camera.

Ready to explore your surroundings or neighbourhood business spots easier than ever? Let’s get started! Get to know from one of the fastest-moving digital spaces.

During Google’s virtual conference, which happened at the September summit, the company effusively announced its revolutionary local search updates.

Google has displayed an option to search in Google Maps live view for looking restaurants by dish. This advanced search feature is integrated with Google Maps.

Here’s an analysis or summary of the biggest breakthrough of local search updates rolled out onwards:

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant by dishes, or just want to see your luxurious branded shoes, explore local EV charging stations, everything is at your fingertips to find what you’re looking for.

These local search updates will boost local people’s user experience and offer surrounding, businesses, and bars & restaurants in Google Search.

These local search evolution rolled out include:

  1. Let you search neighbourhood restaurants by dishes
  2. The idea to discover restaurants by their specialties
  3. Integrate with digital menus
  4. Offer Google Maps’ Live View
  5. Aerial 3D views of nearby famous landmarks
  6. Immersive view on Google Maps
  7. Nearby vibe checks

These Updates are for local Google searches:

Google Maps live navigational search:

Google Maps is always on hand to help you navigate and research local businesses like never before. Google will soon introduce new features that make it easier than ever to discover both in real-time when you need it.

Instead of navigating away from a live map and going to the business’s website, with the help of AR, you will see quick details access to all of your local business details when you pass by it.

Here you will see what’s opening hours, price ranges, business reviews and ratings, where you need to go and even see the availability while using Google Maps

 Now available on Android or iPhone devices with AR technology. That will let you know what businesses are nearby, based on your point of view.

Moreover, Google brings businesses to life on Google Maps—so you can decide where to eat, shop, and play.

Google Upgrade its Restaurant Search Ability By Dishes:

Searching for the best Lasagna near me or Pizza near me? Google is adding a new way to find restaurants that serve this classic Italian dish.

You are also able to search more specifically with filters for nearby Coffee shops, bars & Chinese restaurants, etc.

Or, explore nearby restaurants that offer your favourite dish.

Discover the best restaurants in your area with their specialty:

The unique qualities of a restaurant are key in helping you decide where you should go for a meal.

Discover the best local restaurants with community ratings. Sometimes star ratings are not enough to judge the quality they offered.

Google now helps searchers to see beforehand and assess restaurants by their offerings and what makes them idiosyncratic.

Based on a machine learning algorithm that detects the distinctiveness of a restaurant by analyzing images and reviews.

Nearby EV Charging Stations:

We’re thrilled to see Google already added an advanced feature that makes it easier than ever to find nearby EV charging stations by adding a filter.

Now you can see EV stations station in your real-time location.

Also, use a filter according to country-specific or plug type.

These features are available now only to Android and iOS users if EV charging stations are available in specific countries.

Aerial 3D views of nearby famous landmarks:

Enjoy the immersive view of the world’s 250 photorealistic 3D views through Google’s aerial map.

So you can explore new places and get a taste of what it would be like to walk around in them.

Immersive view on Google Maps:

Google now lets you explore new places and get a taste of what it would be like to walk around in them.

So, what’s the fuss about?

You can now see how busy a place is from the inside buildings and what the weather will be like in a real-time.

Google’s AI-led Google Maps represents an immersive view of all-new eco-friendly routing or fuel-efficient routes. Street View experience is about to feel more like being there, literally.

 Now you can explore your favourite city from above. 

“An immersive way to explore the world with AI-led technology!”

The immersive view is available on all Android and iOS devices and starts rolling out for the first time in LA, NY, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

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