Guide for Local SEO

Guide for Local SEO

Local SEO is the part of Search Engine Optimization which emphasizes a business to appear in local search results or maps results.

Still, confused? Let’s check out a few search terms that will help to understand in a better way:

  • Doctors near me
  • Restaurants near me
  • Hospitals near me
  • Doctors in (city name)
  • Restaurants in (city name)
  • Hospitals in (city name)

Fundamentally, a process of optimizing a website for brick and mortar stores is Local SEO.

On-page optimization, content, and its quality and backlinks all together with some extra localizing link acquisition activities constitute Local SEO.

Importance of Local SEO

Here are some stats that shows the importance of Local Search:


Industries Benefitted from Local Search


Most common business searched by almost 80% of people. These places are popular because of their informative details available on the internet with the customer’s review additionally. The rapidness of the information delivered helps to get potential customers quickly in a lesser amount of time.

Refer below a screenshot for better understanding:


Doctors & Hospitals

We usually use the search term “doctors near me” or “Hospitals near me”. Nobody wants to travel several kilometers just to visit a doctor. People mainly prefer to book an appointment over a call and then use the direction option to visit a clinic or hospital.


Refer a below screenshot for better understanding:


Lawyers & Attorney

One of the biggest secrets for lawyers’ local SEO is the call button appears on mobile phones. When an individual searches “attorney near me” or “lawyer near me” preferrable people want to talk on the spot. So, the local SEO helps to do it in a better way by offering a call icon. The results are really good for the lawyers offering free consultations.

Important aspects of Local Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research, link building, content quality, technical SEO, or on-page SEO, everything remains the same just as we perform for organic SEO. The difference is only the Local part. The SERPs work based on the location and as a result nearby businesses pops up.

Local SEO Link building

The difference between the link building for organic SEO and Local SEO is very small. Here are some of the Local Search backlinks categories:

  • Citation / NAP sites
  • Local directory websites
  • Industry-related local sites
  • Local partner sites
Citation / NAP Sites

These sites focuses on your business details which is NAP.

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number.

NAP plays a very important role in local search. These citation websites help to increase the online business presence. The main point to be kept in mind is to build Google’s trust by publishing accurate details and it must be the same everywhere.

Local Directory Websites

It is recommended to create links on local directory websites by focusing on the general category links. It will help to improve the authority of the website for individuals who are searching locally.

Industry-Related Local Sites

Consider some high authority websites or highly preferred sites that can provide you a quality backlink such as

  • Newspapers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Government associations

These websites help to increase the authority, link profile and presence.

Local Partner Websites

These are the partner’s website the business. Link exchange is forbidden by Google whereas the listing of the business isn’t a bad thing. Excessive links can also provide negative results.

Pointers to keep in notice:

You can’t purchase links or do an exchange of links. Excessive links altogether can also harm you and as a result of Google penalties, your website may get disappeared from search results.

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