How to Build Social Network WordPress Theme Like Facebook In 2021

How to Build Social Network WordPress Theme Like Facebook In 2021

Using social network WordPress themes as Facebook will give you advanced functions on your website and let you work efficiently. A powerful and influential community can make a significant difference in the world. Whatever kind of community it is, it must accommodate all of its members in one location. This is the thing to bear in mind if you intend to create an online community. Using a WordPress social network theme like Facebook is an excellent option.

Features Your Community Website Should Have

If you’ve decided to build your community website, you’ll need to consider what features you’d like to provide your users. The more features you have, the more engaged your community will be! So, here are a few elements that your community website should at the very least include:

Member Registration:

Until you have a Login and Registration option on your membership website, it is pointless. Consider any membership site! You’ll find membership login on Facebook, Linked In, Reddit, Pinterest, and Twitter, among other sites. You can use any membership plugin that has this feature to aid you. One of the best instances of a membership plugin is BuddyPress.

Option to add a friend

Without the option to “add friends,” a social networking site is incomplete. The primary goal of people who join a social network is to connect. Providing them with the Add friends option is one approach to make it easier for them to do so. It made your social network WordPress themes work properly and user friendly.


The Notification tool will tell your community members whenever there is a new activity in your community. It aids in informing them of any essential updates. And the chances of them missing any updates are slim.


Your members will provide you with their personal information when they register on your community website. And, after they’ve checked in to your site, they’ll share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with their network of users who share a common interest or passion.

Members and groups

Your social network WordPress themes should also provide the ability for members of your community to form micro-groups. These groups of members are made up of people who generally have similar interests. You can give them a platform to gather together and express their opinions and thoughts with many people by using Groups.

Here is how you can create a site like Facebook.

To make a website like Facebook, all you have to do is:

  • Purchase a domain name.
  • Obtain web hosting.
  • Install WordPress on your computer.
  • Install and set up your theme.
  • Publish your website.

Resources Needed For Your Website

The first three steps are noted in greater depth in our complete guide to building a website with social network WordPress themes, but we’ll go over them quickly here as well. Following these instructions, you may have your new website running smoothly.

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You must first select an accessible domain name. After that, you can register for hosting. If you join up with Bluehost, you’ll get a free domain and a WordPress site created for you automatically. You’ll be on your path to developing a website similar to Facebook with a straightforward account creation process. It takes you through every step of the procedure in great detail. It covers everything from registering a domain name to locating web hosting to setting up WordPress, among other topics.

That is, in fact, the best thing about WordPress. It’s so easy to use that it drastically reduces the number of resources you’ll require.

Why use WordPress?

The benefit of utilizing WordPress for your websites like Facebook – or any other – website cannot be emphasized. It’s simply the simplest and most cost-effective way to build the best-looking and most functional websites available. WordPress is, and always will be, a free platform.

WordPress has garnered a large developer community over the last 13 years because of its popularity. There are dozens of paid plugins and social network WordPress themes available to assist you in building whatever type of website you desire. Then there’s the issue of dependability.

WordPress is the most well-liked web-building software on the planet, thanks to its enormous global appeal. It also includes comprehensive assistance and valuable resources. Most social network WordPress themes include thorough video tutorials and FAQs to assist new users with any issues they may encounter. Aside from an essential WordPress website, you’ll need two other items to establish a website like Facebook.

Aardvark WordPress Theme:

A theme will dramatically transform the look and feel of your website while also allowing you to customize it. The best social network WordPress themes have easy drag-and-drop builders, so you can see the changes you make fast and straightforward. If you have any questions, most WordPress themes come with a wealth of customer support options, including live help from specialists. There are a few social networking choices, but Aardvark stands out as the best.


While the Aardvark theme will entirely rebuild your site, it is built to operate with BuddyPress, WordPress’s most popular social network plugin. It’s a free plugin that integrates all of your site’s useful social features. It allows registered users to:

  • Make a profile
  • Communicate with one another 
  • Form and join social groups and more

Facebook is one of the most successful websites in the world. Entrepreneurs and web admins have every right to desire a piece of the pie. That’s just one of the causes you might want to build a website that competes with the social media behemoth. Fortunately, creating social network WordPress themes like Facebook is now easier than ever. 

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