Logo Design Packages

Best Logo Design Packages In Ambala To Boost Your Brand’s Identity

A logo is a visual mark, emblem, or symbol that aids in establishing a company’s unique brand identity. In Ambala, there is no upper restriction on how much you can spend on a company logo. It completely depends on the individual, business, or organisation you engaged to do your logo design project.

Logo Design Packages


2000 INR

Best for Startups


4000 INR

Best for Companies


6000 INR

Best for Large Companies

How Do We Create The Perfect Logo For Your Business?

Understand Your Brand

Before we begin developing a logo, we, as a logo design agency in Ambala, must first understand your brand and what it stands for. It assists us in developing a logo that accurately portrays your company’s beliefs, mission, and personality.

Choose the Suitable Colours

The colours we choose for your logo can have a big impact on how your audience perceives it. EK chooses colours that symbolise your brand and are appealing to your target audience.

Choose a Right Font

The typeface we use should be easy to read and represent your brand’s personality. So our team tries not to use too many typefaces and instead sticks to one or two that complement each other.

Maintain Simplicity

A simple logo is frequently more successful than a complex one. So our professionals avoid utilising excessive design components or elaborate graphics that may not translate effectively across multiple mediums.

Make it expandable.

Because your logo will be utilised across multiple mediums, it’s critical to create a design that can be scaled up or down without sacrificing aesthetic impact. We will take care of it.

Clear Message

EK comprehends the goals and objectives of your company and conveys them clearly in the logo so that people can quickly comprehend the nature of the enterprise.

Let Your Logo Speak

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Factors Influencing Our Logo Design Pricing

Do you want to know how much it costs to design a logo and what elements influence the cost? As the best logo design company in Ambala, we offer a simple yet effective logo design method to bring your concept to life. EK attempts to provide effective logos while keeping our customers informed and updated throughout the process, from start to finish.

Logo Design Packages In Ambala


Logo Design Package

2000 INR/30 USD


T&C Apply


Logo Design Package

4000 INR/60 USD


T&C Apply


Logo Design Package

4000 INR/60 USD


T&C Apply